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400w 600w 1000w Plant Growing bulbs electronics ballast and dimmable ballast

400W 600W 1000W electroincs ballast

it is fit for growing hps and mh both.

it can be electronics ballast, also it can be dimmable ballast.

OEM is welcome.

More details

  1. 1.      Run for HPS and MH lamps
  2. 2.      High power factorPF0.99
  3. 3.      Low harmonicGeneral harmonic THD 10
  4. 4.      Constant output of power: Constant output of power and light when voltage varies between  -15%~+15 of rating voltage
  5. 5.      Protection functionsOpen circuit and short circuit protection functions available.
  6. 6.      Easy installationEasy to hang the lamp, no need any external starter and  compensation capacitor.
  7. 7.      Working temperature:-10℃~+40